Is your brand experience optimized for every retailer site? It should be.

If you want to increase your product sales on Amazon and other online retail marketplaces,
you need Enhanced Product Content (also known as Enhanced Brand Content) optimized for every retailer’s site and designed to convert shoppers at the all-important moment of truth.

What is Enhanced Brand Content?

Customers need specific kinds of content to feel comfortable adding your product to their online carts. Enhanced Brand or Product Content is that essential decision-making information. Put another way, it’s the evolving digital equivalent of shopper marketing, or the "digital shelf."

The need for Enhanced Product Content isn’t limited to Amazon. It’s now critically necessary on dozens of other retailer sites, including Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Wayfair, Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware, and more. Every retailer’s rules are different, and they’re constantly changing. Can your digital team—and your product content—keep up?

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The components of Enhanced Product Content

IMAGE - Competitive Analysis@2x

Competitive analysis

See how your product content stacks up.

Our Enhanced Product Content strategies are informed by an analysis of your direct competitors’ content, which we rank using a proprietary scoring system to understand how your product listing content measures up. We can then identify where and how your content needs to change. As a complement to your competitive analysis, we’ll also share our best-in-class, quarterly Enhanced Brand Content research to strengthen your effort.

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IMAGE - Before Scroll@2x

Before-the-scroll content

Deliver the essential elements of the PDP.

The PDP (Product Detail Page) is a critical point of entry for shoppers. Here, we focus on the information users need to make a purchase decision—whether we’re curating existing assets or creating new ones in our studio.

  1. Product copy: SEO-optimized features/benefits unified with your brand
  2. Product photography: Enhance your assortment to stand out
  3. Product tiles: Highlight key product features as soon as the user lands
  4. Product video: Engage customers with how-tos, demos, and more

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After-the-scroll content

Level up the customer’s shopping experience.

For an even more curated shopping experience, our team helps brands design content for additional modules on product listings below the fold. This includes “Product Description,” “From the Manufacturer,” “Overview,” and “Specification” sections, as well as Amazon A+ Content and Premium A+ Content.

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IMAGE - Brand Store Design@2x

Brand store design

Showcase your brand’s story.

With the opportunity to create brand stores on Amazon, we can help you capitalize on the real estate to further tell your brand’s story, as well as keep your messaging and shopping experience consistent from your brand’s homepage to each product category page across sites.

Our research has found that customers are more likely to “Add to cart” when your brand store presentation ladders up to your company’s main website; your A+ Content ladders up to your Amazon brand store; and purposeful, appropriate, and consistent enhanced brand content—wherever the consumer interacts with it across the digital shelf —is present during the online buyer journey.

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The benefits of Enhanced Product Content


Build trust through brand consistency

To develop content that drives sales, continuity across retail ecommerce sites is critical. As marketers first, we’ll start by getting smart on your brand to make sure it’s well represented, no matter where your customers shop. Brand consistency assures them that your product will solve their needs—and live up to expectations.


Better manage platform dynamics

Every retailer’s ecomm platform is different—and constantly evolving. It’s hard to keep up, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of products to manage across each one. Our team can help take the burden of curating and managing product detail content (from 360º views to after-the-scroll information) off your hands.


Optimize for search engines and shoppers

To increase traffic and boost conversion rates, every single element above and below the scroll should have a purpose. From SEO-rich copy to helpful alt image or product tiles (which might include elements from the product packaging curated into text, illustration, video, or animation), we’ll deliver intentional enhanced brand content for a best-in-class shopping experience.


Tell more compelling product stories

Without high-quality product content, your sales will suffer. Our team can curate—or design from scratch—visually engaging, feature- and benefit-rich content that fits together seamlessly to tell a stronger story at the moment of truth.


Win with best-in-class content and performance marketing

Today’s competitive ecomm environment wasn’t even fathomable five years ago. But Enhanced Product Content—and the high-cost battle for ad space to promote it—is here to stay, so before you spend media dollars to boost your products online, let us help ensure your content is designed to convert.

Maximize your Product Detail Page

Ready to see more conversions from your online product content? Need a more consistent brand presence across your selling channels? Want ecomm photography to support your Product Detail Pages? Get in touch and we’ll work together on the Enhanced Brand Content your business needs.