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In-Aisle Video


Our client was about to introduce a new, innovative toilet to shoppers at big box retailers. The goal: stop them in their tracks with an in-aisle video next to the product that conveyed not only the virtues of the product, but the heartland values of the Mansfield brand.




We knew we had limited time to catch shoppers’ attention, so we designed a simple set with on-brand pops of color. We then cast a real family—one that showed authentic emotion when interacting—instead of models. Finally, our text-only script was punchy and quick, while the music was bright and upbeat.





The final 60-second video used its time wisely, showing shoppers the toilet operation punctuated by benefit-driven copy explaining the innovations. But the bigger story—that the new Vanquish toilet saves busy families time so they can focus on more important things—came through loud and clear in the happy faces of the cast.




Client Satisfaction

The client team was thrilled with how the video really captured the brand, but they were especially happy with talent that behaved like a real family! For a company with strong Midwestern roots, that detail was critical. To maximize the video’s use, the client requested the addition of a voiceover script and recording, which we completed quickly with very little effort required from the Mansfield team.


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