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Are your online and in-store retail events as successful as they should be?

With over 30 years of retail marketing experience, we know how to make all your retail events (not just promotions) better, smarter, and more profitable. How do we do it?

It’s called Seasonal Planning, and some of America’s biggest retailers have relied on it for decades.

Why choose Seasonal Planning?

Aligns your internal teams

From leadership and merchants to marketing and ecommerce teams, everyone gets a seat at the table – early in the Seasonal Planning process.

Allows you to go to market with impact

Your creative will be better, your messages stronger, your channels more purposeful, and your content produced more efficiently.

Gives customers a consistent experience

They get your best, no matter where they engage with your brand or how they interact with you to research, browse, or make a purchase.

Helps you scale your marketing activities

Do more and get better, faster creative execution from internal and external resources, delivering even more foot traffic, click- thrus, and conversions.

What is Seasonal Planning?

Seasonal Planning is a strategic and creative process that drives retail sales by creating promotional and seasonal events at key points throughout the calendar year.

ICON-Seaonal Planning Calendar

Who is Seasonal Planning for?

Seasonal Planning is for retailers and brands that sell directly to consumers.

For both groups, Seasonal Planning can help lessen dependence on traditional brick-and-mortar sales and drive success in ecommerce environments.

ICON-Seaonal Planning Retailers

What Seasonal Planning delivers

Creative Concepts_blue

Creative Concepts


Kreber will conceptualize new and big ideas—and give you ample time to approve the creative direction before building out specific assets.

Seasonal Calendar-blue

Seasonal Marketing Activation Calendar


This critical calendar is a North Star that captures all promotional, seasonal, and other activities and tactics to excite customers throughout the year, across all channels.

Seasonal Style Guide_blue

Seasonal Style Guide


We’ll build a toolkit with key creative elements (like logo lockups), plus templates for specific channel activity. Then, we’ll deliver working files your in-house team and partners can easily use.

Content Art Direction_blue

Content Art Direction Plan


Worried about a campaign losing steam? Or running out of stock for a crucial event? At this step, we’ll determine exactly what you need and when, so you can capture it all and be completely prepared.

Seasonal Planning brings teams together to create selling events that help retailers and brands unify the in-store and online shopping experiences, scale their marketing efforts, and drive sales.

But it’s not limited to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. Any brand that sells directly to consumers, such as through an online marketplace like Amazon, can benefit from Seasonal Planning.

Case Study

Keeping a New Product Fresh, from Launch and Beyond

The parent company of HUE and No nonsense hosiery and leggings, Kayser-Roth, had two new products to launch in Fall 2021: reversible leggings and a new, high-tech sock style. After we supported strategy, creative direction, messaging, and photography for each launch, we got to work planning several months’ worth of content to keep the products top of mind for their customers.

By putting in practice our Seasonal Planning principles, we created a multi-week matrix outlining key marketing messages for each of the brands’ daily emails, social posts, and landing page heroes. Our account team developed a timeline to ensure all content was executed with speed and accuracy, then our creative team ran with asset production. 

All told, we produced dozens of assets—and gave each brand’s marketing team (and its outside media partners) a plan to keep the marketing momentum going well past the holidays. Everyone was working from the same playbook, telling the same story, and getting the new products out into the world in a fun, creative—and results-getting—way. 

“By thinking through how the customer might want and need the product differently based on the time of year, we were able to give the client a strong foundation for its launch and lots of ideas and assets to help keep it top of mind for customers over many months.” — Kyle Collins, VP Strategy

Power up your next retail event with Seasonal Planning.

It’s easier to be successful when everyone is on the same page, and every touchpoint is planned and executed on schedule. To find out how Seasonal Planning can improve your retail events, both in-store and online, while saving time and money, get in touch today.