With a diverse and multifaceted team, a lean and efficient process, and a finely honed sense for compelling visuals, we produce purposeful video content that engages customers in every channel.

We are visual by nature

Photography is in our DNA, so we have an innate understanding of what stands out on camera. Plus, our on-site studio spaces are designed for custom shoots, so whether you need to capture content in a serene bathroom or a blooming garden, we can bring it to life. The result? Video that hits the mark—and leaves one, too.

Our talent covers many disciplines

Some people call them unicorns; we call them co-workers. Everyone on the Kreber team is versatile, which means you’ll never pay inflated fees for an oversized crew. And because we’re more than a studio, we support your video production with strategic and creative services when needed.

We focus on efficiency and resourcefulness

You might hear us call our style “scrappy,” but we will never compromise on the quality of the output. Our business model is simply economical, from the way we’re staffed to how we build timelines and budgets. That means we can take on difficult or time-sensitive projects quickly—relieving stress on you.

What to expect when you partner with us on video

Retail and B2B clients from all over the country trust us with video content for some of their most critical projects. Here’s a sampling of the types of work we do best:

  • Product and product launch videos
  • Brand and campaign anthems
  • Instructional and how-to videos
  • Micro social content and display
  • Motion graphics
  • Stop motion
  • Time lapse
  • Animation
Kreber_Icons_Square footage@2x

Our Spaces

  • Almost 300,000 sq. ft. of studio space
  • 2 daylight studios
  • Extensive prop libraries
  • On-site carpentry shops
  • 2 full-scale home façades
  • 41 room environments, including a working kitchen
  • Cyc Wall space
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Our Expertise

  • Video direction
  • Digital photography
  • Video editing
  • Motion graphics and animation
  • Storyboarding, scriptwriting, and voiceover
  • On-staff stylists, set designers, interior decorators, and lighting experts
Camera On Tripod

Our Equipment

  • Cinema 4k cameras with multiple lens kits
  • In-studio recorders and external monitors
  • Several forms of stabilization (jibs, dollies, gimbals)
  • Audio capture capabilities (boom, natural sound, lav interview kits)
  • Multiple post-production editing suites with Adobe Creative Cloud

Plan your video project with Kreber

Need video content that engages customers across channels? Kreber is a marketing agency with expertise in video marketing, product videos, and ecomm videos. Send us a note and we’ll partner with you to produce purposeful videos that move your audience to action.