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Discover the benefits of CGI with Kreber

Immerse your users in a customizable online experience, sell products that aren’t yet manufactured, avoid logistical nightmares, and more.

Achieve photorealism with specially trained experts

The most important variable when creating convincing CGI is the proper understanding of fundamental photographic characteristics, such as composition, lighting, styling, depth of field, and more. Our CGI designers work closely with on-staff photographers, stylists, set builders, and retouchers to create a high-quality product that matches your needs—for everything from prototypes to furniture renderings.

Display a breadth of product variations for customers

CGI allows you to make efficient changes to any and all aspects of scenes (including colors and finishes of countertops, cabinets, and flooring) and products (like vehicle, clothing, or home décor colorways)—all to match your array of available product options.

Avoid the burden of labor-intensive logistics

If you have an abundance of product to shoot, shipping all those pieces back and forth can become demanding—and costly. CGI simply requires engineering files to build images, so you won’t have to worry about sending and receiving physical product—and you can produce content for products that have been designed but not yet manufactured.

Create a more interactive online experience

Customers are interested in envisioning products in a specific setting, and CGI helps realize that. Enriching your storytelling by allowing users to customize their perfect environment can result in a better online shopping experience—and more sales.

Build virtual sets you can use over and over

The time and resources it takes to build sets for photo shoots can be taxing, and the cost—especially for a high-end kitchen or bath environment—can be overwhelming. And often, these sets have to be torn down almost as soon as they’re built. But CGI allows you to keep your sets forever‚ so you can reuse them in perpetuity without spending the money to recreate them in real life.

Create unique augmented reality experiences

The future of shopping will include immersive experiences we can hold in our hands (by using our phones, of course). The best way to get ready for—and capitalize on—the power of emerging technology is to build a strong library of CGI assets to support virtual and mixed reality opportunities. You'll not only elevate your business and products, you'll support your customers' wants and needs in innovative ways.

Our CGI process

When we work together on a project, our team will help you determine your end goals and how we can reach them. From there, we’ll begin our three-step process to CGI work. Here’s a high-level view:


Swipe: In the early stages of your CGI project, we’ll collect examples of what you envision the final product looks like. It’s important to share anything you like about the images, from composition to color to mood and beyond.

Asset Acquisition: We’ll then ask for your help securing CAD or engineering files of products to be replicated, as well as swatches and sample products. From there, photography of these elements helps us acquire textures, colors, and patterns into CGI, where we use them to wireframe your products.


Wireframe: During this phase, you’ll choose the proper angle and confirm core elements are visible and accurately represented.

Conceptual View: Once the wireframe is approved, we move to a white clay model, allowing for adjustments to lighting. This view has greater detail, but color has not yet been applied.

Compositional Draft: Lastly, we develop a compositional draft with colors and textures applied. Edits can now be made on a true photographic scene.


Final Render: In the last step—following the 3D conceptual view, compositional draft, and rounds of review and approval—we’ll render final files to the requested resolution, complete with retouching and color matching to product.

Featured Story

Using CGI to support marketing for a major appliance manufacturer

When a longtime client challenged us to showcase not just its new appliances, but also a new colorway that had never been produced before, the natural solution was CGI. Another factor: the marketing team had sourced product CGI with Kreber, but never environmental CGI.

Featured Story

Using CGI to support marketing for a major appliance manufacturer

There’s a first time for everything, and we were happy to partner with them on the ask. First, we turned to a physical, permanent studio set we’d already built for them—a high-end kitchen—and used that to render a virtual space. (Having that physical set isn’t necessary to build a CGI room, but it worked in our favor for this project.) Next, we carefully created the “Sunset Bronze” color for each appliance in the room, giving buyers a truly accurate representation of the new option.

Best of all, the newly created “virtual” set never had to be torn down, and we’ve used—and adapted—it since to display different appliances in kitchens you’d never suspect weren’t real.

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