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From location to lifestyle and ecommerce to environments, exceptional photography is at the heart of our marketing practices, delivering the visual content today’s customers demand.

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Below is just a sampling of the thousands of beautiful images we’ve created for some of the world’s biggest brands.



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Kreber is a leading photography resource for clients in the following spaces: furniture, home fashions, soft home, kitchen and bath, outdoor living, seasonal and holiday, appliances, and health and beauty, among many others. Whether they shoot in one of our two convenient, well-equipped studios—which together cover more than seven acres of space—or head out on location with us, clients count on our talented team to execute even the most difficult projects to the highest standards.

We value big-picture thinking

Purposeful visual content is part of our practice

We’re not just a photography studio—Kreber is a strategic marketing agency too. We understand your overall objectives, from the vast array of today’s always-on content needs to the realities of meeting budgets and timelines. With a unique combination of critical thinking, industry insights, and an experienced knowledge of your overall business goals, we’ll produce purpose-driven visuals that deliver the most bang for your photography buck.

We support flexible engagements

Our well-executed approach makes your life easier

Although we can support every imaginable need for a photography shoot, from location scouting and styling to set building and design (and much more), not every project requires our full resources. Whether you need an overflow studio, a studio for rent, our in-house talent, your own trusted partners—or some combination thereof—it’s all possible at Kreber, and our fine-tuned process is designed for ease.

What to expect from our studios

The words “full-service studio” barely cover all that Kreber has to offer under one roof. Here’s what you’ll find from our studios (and agency) to fulfill your photography needs:

  • Tabletop & vignette photography
  • Daylight studio photography
  • Room scene photography
  • Location photography
  • 360° photography
  • Stop motion photography
  • Ecomm product photography
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240,000 sq. ft. of studio space in High Point, NC
2 daylight studios
40,000 sq. ft. of studio space in Columbus, OH
Fully applianced working kitchen sets for food or cooking photography
Extensive prop libraries, curated for taste and trends, plus prep kitchens for food styling
On-site carpentry shops and paint-mixing facilities
2 full-scale home façades
41 permanent room environments, including kitchens and baths
In-house set and interior designers, producers, photographers, and stylists, plus specialized freelance partners from around the U.S.
In-house post-production team for color-matching, image editing, retouching, and premedia
Expertise in shoot logistics, producing, and merchandise management
Marketing services including account, strategy, creative direction, and art direction

Featured Story

Where others say no, our team finds solutions

Cramped city locations (and traffic!) chew up precious time and money. Confined spaces result in creative limitations. Inadequate merchandise storage and management create shipping and delivery problems. And post-production issues lead to color guesstimating—and a poor customer experience.

Sound familiar? Among our clients, these pain
points are all too real. That’s why Kreber is built to solve them, just as we did for an Atlanta-based furniture retailer with an array of catalog, digital,
and in-store needs.

Living room scene

Featured Story

During a recent photo shoot, the company benefited from Kreber’s ability to store and manage hundreds of products in our studio—which meant the products were readily available not only for the shoot, but post-shoot too, when color could be matched to actual products instead of swatches. Kreber also set up a remote soft-proofing system in the client’s offices—color-calibrated to our own—so the team could review and approve color without the cost of shipping proofs. We then uploaded the images into our client portal for easy, quick download and distribution.

Photography projects of this size are not easy. But where others say no, our team finds solutions. In this case, we delivered 716 shots, including 440 silos, plus a full breadth of color, premedia, and content management services. And, our client now maintains a permanent footprint within the Kreber North Carolina studio, making upcoming photo shoots that much simpler.

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Need product or ecomm photography? Want to capture more beautiful room scenes or outdoor environments? Kreber is the expert in commercial photography that inspires customers to action. Get in touch and we’ll work together on the visual content your business needs.