Just like consumers, today’s business buyers want to engage with your brand on their terms, discover high-value content when they search for it, and make a purchase with the utmost convenience.

Along with everything else, business development has changed. In a time when prospects no longer return your calls or emails the way they used to, how do you plan to reach them? Content marketing is one proven solution.

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From playbook

to tool kit

We’ll create a playbook customized to your product launch, goals, and investment priorities, with on-target creative execution.

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Across channels

& down the funnel

No matter how you go to market, we’ll develop and deploy full-funnel, always-on content to meet buyers wherever they are in the journey.

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Launch & make

it last

We’ll plan and create content that can be leveraged through media long after your initial product launch phase—keeping your product top of mind.

Why our Product Launch Playbook works

Our strategies span the life of your product.

We’ll listen to your stakeholders to ensure our plans bridge the gaps between sales, marketing, and technology, then create a playbook that helps prioritize product launches among other marketing activities. And we’ll study the competition and marketplace to develop a product value proposition with reasons to believe that excite audiences.


We think by channel and by funnel.

No matter how you go to market—direct to consumers or through retailers, dealers, or a sales force—we’ll get your message in front of the right audiences at the right time, with digital awareness, media, and in-store marketing tactics built around your product’s “why.” We’ll plan for marketing across multiple channels and seasons, making sure the content works at all stages of the sales funnel.


We know the work doesn’t stop at launch.

We can leverage your product campaign long-term with always-on content, including content marketing that amplifies the product positioning, and launch kits that encompass key messaging, conceptual creative, a customized tool kit, an activation plan, and seasonal refreshes. Key to our strategy: sustainable marketing tactics designed to reach your goals.


We’ll develop your product launch campaign, then leverage it long-term for wide audience awareness and maximum ROAS.

Case Study

Launching a Bold Product for a Legendary Artist Brand

Derwent, a storied color pencil maker based in the UK, was about to launch a brand-new product in the U.S. market. The challenge: heavy competition on craft store shelves and no online marketplace presence. 

The product: Chromaflow Color Pencils. The task: a disruptive product launch campaign (remember: fierce competition), fresh new photography, and Amazon alt tiles and an A+ page bold enough to deliver on all the product’s benefits. 

After deep-diving into the market and the audience to craft strong product positioning, Kreber developed four high-level creative campaigns (some of our very favorites!); the client chose “Pigment of Imagination,” which became our campaign North Star. From there, we shot new photo in the Kreber Ohio photo studio, built Insta-worthy assets, delivered online ecomm content, and pitched a cadence of refreshes to keep the product top of mind well after launch. 

The result? Even better than our imaginations.

Make your next product launch more successful over the long-term.

Get team members on the same page, go to market with a disruptive creative campaign, and plan media to keep your product top of mind for target audiences before, during, and after launch. Get in touch and we’ll get started on your playbook.