In our work with Fortune 50 retailers, we know that a significant chunk of retailer revenue will come from private label products and owned brands in the next few years. But only if marketing teams are strategic about launching them, defining an ownable market position for the new product or brand and backing it up with a disruptive, resonant campaign.

Easier said than done…except when you have a Product Launch Playbook, like we do. Our marketing strategy is proven to work for DTC brands across channels and in highly competitive spaces, especially as they rely less and less on traditional store formats to sell products.

Here’s how we support retailers and brands as they capitalize on the power of owned brands and private labels.

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Strategize from playbook to tool kit

We’ll create a playbook customized to your product or private label launch, marketing objectives, and sales goals, then deliver on-target creative work, including brand positioning and value proposition statements.

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Think & create for omnichannel marketing

A successful launch demands a coordinated approach across all your existing—and emerging— channels. We think holistically, and create always-on content to meet your buyers where they are.

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Launch & make

it last

It’s not enough to make a splash at launch; you have to stay top-of-mind for months to come. That’s where our seasonal planning expertise wins: we’ll plan and deploy content that feels fresh today and down the road.

Why Our Product Launch Marketing Works for Retailers

Our strategies enhance your existing marketing calendar.

We’ll listen to your stakeholders to ensure our plans meet the needs of marketing, merchandising, and technology, then create a playbook that helps prioritize product launches among other marketing activities. And we’ll study the competition and marketplace to develop an ownable product value proposition with reasons to believe that excite audiences.

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We think across channels and by audience.

No matter how your product reaches the market—on retail shelves or via an online marketplace—we’ll get your message in front of the right audiences at the right time, with digital awareness, media, and in-store marketing tactics built around your product’s “why.” We’ll plan for marketing across multiple channels and seasons, making sure the content works at all stages of the buying journey.

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We know the marketing doesn’t stop at launch.

Thinking long-term about driving sales sets Kreber apart. We’ll leverage your launch campaign well beyond its introduction with fresh, always-on content, including a kit built with key messaging, campaign creative, inspiring visuals and packaging, a customized tool kit, an activation plan, and seasonal refreshes. Key to our strategy: sustainable marketing tactics designed to reach your goals, and creative assets that your in-house team or other vendor partners can easily use.

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“Gone are the days when retailers attached their names to cheap, plain, and low-quality private label brands. Now retailers treat private labels as profitable growth engines that allow them to nab more market share.” — RetailDive

Case Study

America’s hosiery brand launches high-tech socks

You’ve heard the name No nonsense: the brand’s best-selling hosiery has been on department store shelves for decades. Today, No nonsense is still beloved for tights, but is reaching new audiences with best-selling leggings on Amazon. 

One market they hadn’t tapped: high-tech socks. That changed in Fall 2021 with the launch of Expantech, a line of active socks for men, women, and kids made with a patented stretch technology for supreme comfort. Kreber stepped in to support the web launch of the product. 

Under a tight timeline and ambitious sales goals, we designed several new site pages with updated UI/UX, fresh writing, and more recognizable branding. Plus, we shot hundreds of new assets in our North Carolina studio to support not only the initial launch, but several seasonal refreshes.

Grow retail and ecomm sales of your private label or owned brands

Find the white space, go to market with a disruptive creative campaign, and plan media to keep your owned brand or private label top of mind for audiences before, during, and after launch. Get in touch and we’ll get started on your playbook.