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Are your sales and marketing efforts a fit for the changing buyer journey?

Just like consumers, today’s business buyers want to engage with your brand on their terms, discover high-value content when they search for it, and make a purchase with the utmost convenience.

Along with everything else, business development has changed. In a time when prospects no longer return your calls or emails the way they used to, how do you plan to reach them? Content marketing is one proven solution.

Why our content marketing works

A strong full-funnel approach

The key to aligning all of your paid, owned, and earned marketing into a unified, full-funnel approach is a master editorial calendar. Influenced by planned events like trade shows and sales conferences, product launches, and other worthy news, it can be segmented by audience and buyer journey stage—so the content those segments receive from you is only the content most relevant to them at that moment.

Full Funnel

Grounded in your business goals

Content should never be executed for content’s sake alone. To accompany the master editorial calendar, we follow a proprietary, full-funnel method of calculating impressions and leads needed to hit your sales and marketing goals, proving the value of any content you’re considering.

Business Goals

More impactful customer touchpoints

Informed by our work with dozens of B2B companies with complex sales channels, our segmented, nuanced strategies extend your sales team’s efforts, helping to generate leads, raise brand awareness, and impact business growth.

Customer Touchpoints-01

More lifetime value per asset

We believe in “create once, market forever.” And because we were omnichannel early, we know how to create and maximize the power of a single piece of content for as long as needed to save you money and time.

Lifetime value

How we execute content marketing

Content marketing is foundational to a best-in-class approach to educate and nurture prospects until they’re ready to purchase, as well as support selling with inbound tactics and outbound outreach, including account-based and organic loyalty-based marketing.

If you build it, will they come?
In a word, no. That’s why we recommend efficient paid media to amplify awareness of your content to your segmented target audiences—and eliminate the expense and waste generated by mass media channels. In our experience, even modest paid media budgets can go a long way toward lead generation.

Owned Media

Blog articles
Content strategy
Email marketing
Graphic assets
Inbound web design
Long form editorial content
Photo & video assets
Repurposed existing content
Social media content

Paid Media

Display ads
Paid search
Retargeting ads
Boosted & promoted social ads
Snackable video & stop-motion campaigns

How we support marketing automation

To effectively deploy, monitor, optimize, and measure your efforts, content marketing and marketing automation must co-exist. Whether you’re already using a platform that fits your needs, are ready for an upgrade, or need to implement a new program fast, we can help. Here are just a few of the marketing automation systems in which we work:

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Group 124@2x
Group 123@2x

Featured Story

Thought leadership (and 300+ assets) for Club Car

To gain new leads and nurture existing ones in a heavily competitive environment—and position the company as a thought leader within its industries—we’ve helped our longtime client Club Car implement and support a content marketing program since 2018.

The best content marketing programs thoughtfully place a steady stream of value-added content in front of the right people at the right time to drive engagement. So before we created a single asset, we meticulously planned months’ worth of content for two of Club Car’s business verticals, all connected by the vertical campaigns our team had already developed for the brand.

Next, we gathered existing assets—photography, video, and written articles—to fuel our content machine efficiently and economically. Where new content was required, our team quickly produced it: in the first quarter of 2019 alone, we delivered more than 300 assets.

The program continues to gain steam, and we’re now developing 2020 content based on a strategic 12-month calendar. With the “machine” in place, Club Car can better serve its sales team and customers with interesting, creative, and results-oriented marketing.

Prepare sales and marketing for the new buyer journey

Want to extend your sales team’s reach? Ready to make your content work harder? Tired of creating marketing content without understanding how it impacts your business? Get in touch, and we’ll get to work finding solutions.